Bridesmaid Clutches not Flowers

Hi, lovelies! Emma here. One of our latest Ask Emmaline questions really inspired me the other day because it’s not only a fantastic idea, but it also saves some money in the process. Rachelle wrote to us about bridesmaid clutches instead of flowers — as in, nixing the bouquets altogether and having her bridesmaids walk down the aisle carrying a pretty bag instead of a bouquet. She writes,

Dear Emmaline, I want to give my bridesmaids clutches instead of flowers (bouquets) as gifts. I don’t have a budget that allows for the cost of a clutch AND a bouquet for each bridesmaid, so I have to either pick a less expensive bridesmaid gift or skip bouquets altogether. I have seen other weddings where bridesmaids have walked down the aisle with a clutch purse, but is it proper etiquette to do so? Also, do you have any tips on what kind of clutches would suffice? Thank you!

Hi Rachelle! Not only is this a great question, but bridesmaid clutches instead of flowers is a brilliant idea for a variety of reasons. Find out why we love (and recommend) this option…

bridesmaid linen wristlets | bridesmaid clutches instead of flowers via

Choosing to nix bridesmaid bouquets in lieu of bridesmaid clutches is a wonderful idea and will save you some money. Plus, you’ll eliminate waste! Here are three reasons why we think it’s a great idea:

1. Clutches are functional.

Flowers are beautiful, but they’ll wilt. Bridesmaids can use their clutches for years to come!


2. You can find perfect bridesmaid clutches in your wedding colors.

Why wonder if your flowers will match your palette, or if the flowers you want are even in season? Instead, have custom clutches made in your particular color palette.

bridesmaid clutches instead of bouquets | bridesmaid clutches instead of flowers via

3. You’ll save money.

Bouquets are used for such a short time during the wedding (and tossed in the garbage). It can seem like a waste, especially when you spend so much money on them. Instead, a clutch purse can be carried for the same duration — and be used to store her essentials close at hand. Plus, you’ll need to choose bridesmaid gifts anyway and combining the two makes perfect sense.

Now that you know why they’re a perfect alternative, let’s explore some beautiful clutches to choose instead of flowers!

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